Mark Keffer
I try to create a balance within various aspects of my work. I pair an existential austerity with a visual approach that flirts with the ridiculous. I create imagery that, while nearly abstract, is suggestive of both the celestial and the microscopic. Freedom and control are at work in equal measure. Regarding the format of the work, I try to set up a back-and-forth relationship between object and image -- through depictions of deep space on the surface of flat panels, their 'objectness' further emphasized by being shaped. These impulses reflect the dual nature of life (easy/difficult, joyous/painful, beautiful/ugly) and how these opposing states are dependent on each other based on context. I also feel that objective reality is incomprehensible and try to reflect my resulting bewilderment; the imagery generally serves as symbols for the unknowable. Language-based meanings are avoided in order to echo the more elusive aspects of consciousness. It is my hope that the viewer will respond to the work in a contemplative manner, in a sphere of philosophical questioning. As we navigate a world of turmoil, I feel it is important to look inward to recalibrate our understanding of our better selves.