Mark Keffer
I create paintings from what I think of as symbols for the unknowable, with the intention of setting up arenas for introspection. In a world of turmoil, I think it is important to look inward to recalibrate our understanding of our better selves, but I’m interested in what our ‘selves’ are to begin with. My work is comprised of hard-edge geometric structures on nebulous colored grounds, often referencing night skies. There is an implication of infinite depth moving outward, but this arrangement can be seen metaphorically as infinite depth moving inward. I’m fascinated by where this leads. For me, notions of the soul and even the self are residual effects of evolution and don’t correspond to anything actual. I don’t approach this in scientific terms, of course; I’m allowing myself to plumb the depths of the fringes of my consciousness. It is ridiculous to think that the viewer will respond to the work in these specific terms, but I embrace the ridiculous. It is a reasonable response to the world around us.