• As a response to the world around me, I create paintings from what I think of as symbols for the unknowable. In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, I try to set up arenas for introspection, with the hopes of facilitating a look inward. I’m interested in the metaphoric implications of various spatial manipulations, particularly as they echo issues of the self, and I explore these manipulations with an emphasis on ambiguity. Space in my work can be seen as depth in the traditional sense, but also as reflective of interior realms. What is at the deepest center of who we are? What is the self? What is our relation to the bigger context of reality? A degree of absurdity -- with an intentional open-endedness -- exists in my work, and I embrace this. It is a reasonable response to the world I experience.
    There are often references to circuitry, which is used primarily to symbolize information to which we have no access. In this regard, I like the connections to the cognitive processes of perception and memory, and to the unknown ways in which technology is used to direct and monitor us. I hope to connect this to an evocative emotional state that suggests remnants of a future digital past.